Thursday, June 26, 2008

Spider Man, Diaper Booty, Friends. . . .

Last weekend we got together with some of the ol' gang from G High and our hubbies and children for a BBQ and a lot o' Root Beer! Look out! Here's myself and Miss Hailey, Brynn and baby Eastman, Ashley and Marie and Dylon. I love my friends!

I'm not usually one for baby clothes with cartoon characters on them, but this outfit is just too cute! Doug's aunt and uncle gave it to us and I put it on her the other day. Don't you just love diaper booty? What could be cuter? Especially when it says "Minnie" across it!!
This one is for you Grandma Kathy! This is her cute Ballerina outfit that you gave to her. I thought she'd wear it to church this past Sunday. We tried it on a few weeks ago and it was way too big. Well this week it was a bit snug. This pic doesn't really do it justice. I couldn't do up the buttons in the back and that little belt around the mid section made it tricky to get on and off! But she did look dang cute in it!
Remember how I said that i'm babysitting Isaak this week? Well yesterday we ventured up to "This is the Place Monument Park" and all he wanted to do was ride the pony! He did so good! We also rode the train and ate ice cream. It was HOT!! Ride em cowboy! Yee haw!
This morning while I was feeding Hailey, "Spiderman" came to visit us and scared the crap out of Aunt Kristy! He was like "I'm not Isaak! I'm Spiderman!" He was spinning webs and flying off furniture as if he was really Spiderman!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Smiley Princess!

So I know that i've been a slacker at posting! I went back to work for 2 weeks and haven't had time to do a darn thing!
We are doing really good! Hailey is just a growin' machine! the top pic is her 3 month pic! And as you can see, she is smiling a lot! So proud! I am now on my summer break! I love spending time with my baby! This week I am hanging out with my cute nephew Isaak! He's hilarious! I go back to work in August and am not looking forward to that at all!!

For the 4th of July we are taking Hailey on her first camping trip! We're heading up to Strawberry with the Lloyd clan!

That's the latest! Just loving this little girl!