Monday, April 5, 2010

LiTtlE PetEr CoTTon TaLe. . . .HoppIN' dOwN the BunNy TrAiL. . .

We had a fun Easter this year! We are so blessed with amazing families! I opted out of taking Miss Pretty to an Easter Egg Hunt, for fear of the chaos that could occur. Instead we had a good old fashioned home Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the Tukuafu residence. We spent the morning at J-Lo's for conference brunch (we call it that, but somehow didn't really watch any of it! Thank goodness for DVR's!) The kids ran amuck, as usual and then we got down to business. Word had it, that the Grandbunny Mama and Grandbunny Papa were in town and we got the hook ups!! Grandbunny Mama really outdid herself this year. The boys got to go first. Ben and Levi were very helpful, as you can see!

About half way through the boy's turn, Miss Pretty quietly crept into the family room and sat down all innocent-like. Notice where her hand is!
She jacked that piece of chocolate!
Here she is all prepped for her turn!

And here go the girls. Baby sis just kept filling up her bucket and dumping it back out!
Mommies assisting. . . . it's allowed!

Another break for chocolate! She takes after her great Aunt Pam, loves the chocolate!

Later that evening, once daddy was home from work, the Easter Bunny stopped by and left some goods on the front porch. She was baffled that he would do that and looked all over outside for any signs of him.

She was only interested in one thing. . . . you guessed it. . . .CHOCOLATE!!
It was a fun time!
Today was her 2 year checkup. Dr. D was lookin' very nice! He said she is doing great and has the vocabulary of a 3 year old! (Mommy feeling proud, very proud!) Here are her stats:
Height: 36 in. 95%!!
Weight: 26 lbs. 45%
We're heading out to Idaho tomorrow to see Geema and Papa Johnson!! Check out my "Feel the Burn" blog. . . I finished my 5K!!