Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Could All Use a Lil' HOPE!

A little over a month ago, my cousin Heather suffered a stroke. She had given birth to her sweet baby boy Jax just 2 weeks before that! She remained in ICU for quite a while and the outcome was unknown for a while. I'm happy to say that she has since been released from the hospital and is working with a physical therapist to get things operating properly again!

A couple of weeks ago, my sis Gina organized a really cool benefit concert with the help of some awsome guys! Scott, Josh and Tim! It was amazing to see the charity that so many came and showed! Most of whom didn't know us, didn't know our family, but wanted to help! THANK YOU! Scott Foster put on an awsome show! Check him out on Facebook! We had a blast! Laughing and brewing hot chocolate!
Me and Gina!

J-Lo and J-man!

The girlz! Checkin' out all the hot guyz!

Mom and Aunty holding baby Jax!

Our hot cousins and Aunty!
Scott Foster brought his own stage!
We had some really good ticket takers. Aren't they good lookin'!

Setting up the stage on wheels.
This experience has been amazing! Just like last year with my dad, we learned very quickly what is really important and what is not! We learned how there are still really good people in the world! I know sometimes it seems like we don't have time to show compassion and service to others anymore, but it is sooooo important to find that time!