Friday, June 4, 2010

Guess who's back. . . back again. . . Corky's back. . .tell a friend. .

I know, I should totally win "worst blogger of the year"! I've been so busy lately, haven't had time to breath! But I thought I should get back into the swing of things and post some pics and give everyone an update on the Johnson Fam!

Miss Pretty is becoming very fluent en Engles! She says the funniest things sometimes and I just love her so much!
D and I are doing well, both still working (have been very blessed!) I am getting close to summa time and my hours change, so I can't hardly wait for that! Fridays off! Woohoo! Maybe I'll actually get something done! D just got himself a shiny new pontoon boat to go out and catch him some fish! I swear, if we had a pond, he'd be out there right now just paddling around!

My little bro graduated from the Police Academy in April! So if you're out driving the streets of the ol' Dub V.C., look out! He's on the loose! So proud of him!

This past weekend, we took a trip with my BFF, Brynn and her hubby Chad and Miss Pretty's boyfriend, T-dogg to their family cabin. It was a blast and I bet Miss Pretty would have stayed for 2 weeks if we could! She loved "camping in Trevor's Camper". (that's what she called it.) This was our first time taking her camping since she was only 4 months old! Last summer was kind of a wash for us, as you all remember, so I'm determined to go camping as much as possible this year! With these gorgeous mountains so close, how could we not? Enjoy the pics! We couldn't keep Miss Pretty off of the 4 wheeler! The two little ones had fun playing together and T-Dogg taught Miss Pretty all about the art of throwing rocks and how to really launch them! It was so nice to get away for the weekend and hang out with friends.
The men folk roastin' some dogs!
We ventured down to the lake one day. Probly not the smartest thing to do with 2 toddlers and and a woman who's 8 months prego, but we did it! It was cold! Miss Pretty wanted to fish pretty bad! She found a stick on the ground that was her "fishin' pole". She's so stinkin' cute.
Helpin' daddy.Trevor in a sea o' rocks! After, freezing our tooshies off at the lake and the kids throwing a couple of tantrums, we headed down to Chad's uncle's fishing pond so that the kids could see them catch a fish. That was a blast, minus the freaky geese chasing us and hissing at us! Yes they hiss!

Trevor was pretty excited to squeeze that fishie's head!

On the way back to the cabin that night, the kids were pretty pooped after a long day's play!

T-Dogg, chillaxin'!

Miss Pretty watchin' some cartoons. Trevor was sitting next to her, but bolted when I got my camera out.

Miss Pretty and Daddy went on lots of "motorcycle rides"! She wanted to steer and tell him which direction he needed to go.