Monday, October 19, 2009

Carni folk. . . small hands. . .

East High is having it's annual carnival!
Mark your calendars for Monday, October 26!
The carnival begins at 5:30 PM. It's for all ages and it's SO much fun!
The proceeds go to support our different clubs!
There are a lot of fun High School Musical things to check out.
And you can even take a tour if you'd like.
Bring some dinero and have some fun!

My milkshake brings all the boyz to the yard. . . .

This is such a fun stage with Miss Pretty! She's very curious and quite the dare devil. She also has the funnest personality, makes me just wanna squeeze her sometimes. (Not to inflict harm, just to try to absorb all of her cuteness!)

She loves to go outside! The other day we put her stocking cap on because it was pretty chilly and she thought she was so cool! So she found it in her diaper bag the other morning and wanted it on because she thought that meant she'd be going outside. She wouldn't take it off for a while and looked so stinkin' cute! Notice her skin tight jammies! She's getting so tall!

Grandma Johnson bought her a baby stroller to tote her baby around. Well she thought she'd test it out.

She's mad because she couldn't get herself out.

She finally figured out how to ride her lil' car. She just gets high centered on the handle bars periodically, but other than that, she has lots o' fun on it!

And last but not least, many of you know how productive I was this harvest season! I'm still pretty shocked myself! We got all of our grapes juiced and got 6 jars of yummy grape juice!!
Here are the grapes being prepped for juicing!

Miss Pretty was such a good helper! She just snacked on them the whole time or squeezed them and said "EEEWWWW!!"
She goes in for her 18 month Dr. checkup with Dreamy soon! She's actually 19 months already! Some of the fun things that she's doing are:
*She no longer calls her blankie "ng ng ng". It's "beety". Which makes mommy sad because I loved it when she called it "ng ng!"
*She's so sassy! When we called her sassy the other day, she said "SASSY!" It was cute! (I know I won't be saying that in 13 years, but for now I'll enjoy the moment!)
*When I open the fridge or the pantry, she sits there and goes "hmmmm. . . " as if pondering what she should ask for!
*She can go down the stairs on her own now.
*She still tries to make friends with Gracie the cat! I think Grace is just too old and doesn't want to call it truce because she still boxes with her every chance she gets! Luckily she doesn't have any claws!
*She's quite the dancer! Just like her momma! Anytime she hears music, she tries to snap her lil' fingers and shakes her lil' booty! It's too funny!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Old MacDonald Had a Farm. . . eee. . . iiiii. . . . eee. . . .iiiii. . . oooooooo

3 months ago, we were spending sleepless days up at the U of U hospital praying that our dad would pull through and that we would get to spend many more fun times with him! Last night, I saw what the power of the Atonement can do for a family! We got to go out to the Ranch and visit my dad for the first time since we took him there 2 months ago. He looks amazing! What an awsome experience it has been to be a witness to a miracle! We took pies and hung out in the barn. The kids had a blast and had us hootin' and a hollerin' the whole time. My dad is doing so good and will be released into the wild in a few weeks. I took a bunch of pics of all the kids playing and got a cute one of Papa and Miss Pretty. The whole way to the Ranch, she kept saying "Bye bye. . . Papa.. . . byebye. . .papa".
Top 10 of our night at the Ranch:

10. Hanging out in the barn "loft" above the horse stalls. Imagine the aroma and the flies if you will.
9. Miss Pretty face planting it multiple times on the dirty floor and being covered in filth.

8. Lil' B man givin' his cuz "Baby Sis" a smoochy and the look on her face afterword was priceless.

7. The two llamas out by the barn "Dumb & Dumber"
6. Marie Calendar for making us her famous pies. . . .m m m m. . .
Ben's famous hand-in-front-of-the-camera trick.

5. J-Lo thinking the bird feces on the couch was paint.

4. Spidey takin' out Miss Pretty with the punching bag. . . she didn't even see it coming.

3. Spidey killing flies with his bare hands.

2. Seeing my dad! He looks great!

1. Lil' B man turning out the lights and being in complete darkness!! Bennie said "Don't move bud! So when he turned on the light on his phone to find B man, he was frozen with his hand in mid air by the light switch! "Hey who turned out the lights!"
Lil' B man cheezin' it up.

"I'm gonna knock you out. . . momma said knock you out. . . hoooo" Spidey playing with the punching bag.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bad boys bad boys. . whatchya gonna do. . .

Just wanted to brag about my lil bro. He was hired on with West Valley Police Department who will put him through Police Academy to become a police officer! Good thing, i'll be callin' him up to come check on my ghetto neighbors!

Bad boys bad boys. . .whatchya gonna do. . .whatchya gonna do when they come for you.

I will be posting pics later and an update.