Monday, January 24, 2011

Holy Randomness. . .

Here's my random post for the month. Just some odds and ends kickin' around the ol' Nikon. Remember I told you about the fabulous food co-op that I use each month? Well here's my haul for this month! All this yummy, nutritious food for only 24 smackaroos!! About half what you'd pay at the grocery store and some of it is local!
One night we were hangin' out at my sista's casa and the kids were wild! Running 'round and 'round the front room screaming and dancing like silly kids! They were hilarious! After taking out Miss Els' hair ponies, we were left with the funniest hair-do! So I couldn't resist taking her pic! I think the flash scared her, what do you think?

This one's definately my fave!

And last but not least, one day (only one, because we hardly ever clean in my house, I think it's TOO boring!) we had a cleaning day. After I put on my ghetto bandana, Miss Pretty wanted one. So I fashioned one out of some CareBear material I had. Doesn't she look cute? Just gettin' her trained!

And to end my ramblings, I have accepted a new calling in my ward. . . drumroll please. . . .1st counselor in the Relief Society! Although I was very overwhelmed at first, I am now feeling very humbled by this calling! I know I shouldn't be, but I'm always shocked to find out what Heavenly Father already knows I'm capable of! It has definately made me take a personal inventory and start cleaning out some areas of my life that needed cleaning! Wish me luck!

Cabin Feva Anyone?

So we Johnsons went on our very first family vacation by ourselves. I know, it's shocking! A good family friend had this killer deal on a cabin at the Cabins at Bear River Lodge, up in the Uintah's and I snatched it right up! I'd do it again if I could too, because it was the best!! It was so nice and relaxing! Just watched movies and did pretty much whatever we wanted! We cooked some yummy meals (well I did, with the help of my tot Miss Pretty).
I came back feeling recharged and well rested! I wish I could do that once a month!

Funny story: One of the days we suited up (see above pics) and headed out to go tubing on the hills behind the cabin. So there I am, prepping myself to go down one of the hills, wearing no make up, wearing my mismatched sledding attire (I so should have worn fur I know!), when this guy rolls up on a snowmobile. He's all "Do you mind if I film you going down the hill on that tube? I'm from 'Roughin' it Outdoors' with Channel 2." Which actually turned into interviewing each of us. It aired on Saturday, January 22 and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Miss Pretty looked adorable of course! Once they post it online, I'll link it up so you can all see our debut!

Miss Pretty had so much fun hanging out with us! We had an elegant dinner one night and used the wine glasses they had in the cabinet to drink our rootbeer out of. She LOVED that and kept telling me "I don't need help mom! I got it!"

Thursday, January 20, 2011

C'mon Cinderella, we gotta get you ready for the ball!

We had a blast on New Year's Eve! Miss Suzee Bear, our Aunty got hitched and had a beautiful wedding! We rang in the New Year with a few of my favorite things:Dancing of course! Miss Pretty and her cuz Kenna were shakin' it!
With my fam! Loves!

My hubby, hittin' the hard stuff. . . CocaCola!

The two Princesses. They were really good considering they stayed up past midnight!

I love this one! Kenna bug is totally posing! They both look so pretty!
Aunt Suzee looked gorgeous and we're so happy for her! It was a lot of fun hanging out with family!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Favorite Food Co-op!

As many of you know, I'm a deal seeker. . . love me some free and cheap stuff!
Just wanted to share one of my favorite ways to do this each month! I'm a part of a local food co-op here in Salt Lake (they're available in most cities, just check). It's an amazing program that buys a lot of local produce and meat and we're able to purchase it at a very inexpensive price! I just order it online each month, pay for it online and then I go and pick it up at a church close to my house. Miss Pretty loves going with me because she gets to count out the produce and help me load up my bag. And my favorite part is that each month the produce and meat selection changes and it forces me to branch out a little bit and try new recipes.
If you're in Salt Lake, check out their website. I will even go with you the first time if you want! I usually buy the "Standard Share" for $24 and that includes 5 selections (sometimes more!) of produce and 4 selections of meat. It comes out to be a huge bag of produce (think Ikea blue bag, full!) and a box of meat. (i've linked an example of what a standard share has been before) I added it up for what I would spend on it at the grocery store and it's at least half the cost to get it through the co-op!! Who doesn't love that savings right? Plus it's local and I love supporting local businesses when I can!
So. . . check it out! I just wanted to share because it's a new year and I know many of you might be looking for ways to save and get out of debt like we are! I also wanted to share that I will be teaching a "coupon class" in February for my ward, but everyone is welcome to come! I would love to have friends and family there too for support since i'm super nervous! I'll let everyone know the date and time for sure!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

"For after much tribulation come the blessings. . "

Just wanted to leave a link to the family blog that we did the Sub 4 Santa for. Get out your tissues boys and girls cuz this ones a tear jerker!