Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dr Dreamy in the Hizzzouse!

So this past week was even longer than the last! Work was crazy for mommy, Miss Pretty was sick and sleep was not really something that mommy did much of! Miss Pretty got some nasty cold and by Monday it had peaked at it's worst! She wouldn't lay down at night and fussed all night long! So on Tuesday I call the Dr to see if I should bring her in. The nurse thought she probably had an ear infection and got us squeezed in to see Dr Dreamy that afternoon. Sure enough as soon as he checked her ears, she screamed bloody murder and looked at him as though he was the meanest Dr she'd ever met! Both ears had infections and he said she might have a mild case of RSV. Bummer! So we got some yummy Amoxicilin to get her started on!
It still smells the same as when we guzzled it as children! Miss Pretty loves it and is very upset when the dropper is empty! She is doing much better now, but still has a nasty cough.
As many of you know, I make most of Pretty's baby food. But she's at the stage where she needs a little more variety and more meats. Momma and Daddy aren't big meat eaters, so I don't get to make her much very often. I thought that we'd buy some baby food to incorporate into her diet. Blah! She's not a big fan and gags a lot. I even tasted them and they are very bland! So I have to mix it with the fresh stuff and she'll eat it then.
Some funny things that Miss Pretty is doing this week:
She loves the puff treats. We sprinkle some on her tray and she gobbles them right up! She holds 3 or 4 in one of her hands until she's eaten all of the rest and only then, will she open that hand and eat her reserve.
bnnnnnnnnhg b nhh mgy gj (she loves to chat online, this is her typing skills!)
She cruises in her walker! she's figured out how to navigate that sucker and follows me all over the kitchen. She can also help in the dishwasher!
She lounges in her bath chair! It's one of those rings and she was so worn out from her cold this week that when I'd give her vapor baths, she'd just sit back and chill and play with her tummy. So cute!
I love this little girl!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I haven't the foggiest!

For being a short week at work this week, it sure felt like the longest ever! It's the end of the term and semester, which equates to lots and lots of work for me! It wasn't the greatest, but I'm glad it's over! While mommy worked, Miss Pretty was sharpening her crawling skills at her favorite babysitter's. That's right I said crawling. She's getting so close and loves to be on her tummy all of a sudden! It's fun to watch her!
This week was also the inauguration of our 44th president of the United States. While I don't agree with President Obama's views and I did not vote for him, he is our President and it was a very moving ceremony to see him sworn in and hear his well said speech to our nation! I truly hope that he means what he says and that there is good change on the horizon! Plus I hear he's giving out free money!! :)

It's also been so foggy outside! This is a shot from our porch last night! It felt like a scene out of a scary movie! If you look to the left of the pic, you'll see our Christmas tree leaning over. Slick took it down in December and put it out in the snow so it looked like we grew a tree this winter! But now the snow is almost melted and our tree is almost in our driveway now!

This is how we found Miss Pretty after her nap yesterday! She's so adventurous these days!

We ordered Miss Pretty a walker from Amazon and it arrived this week! It's fun to see her move around and she loves it! She tries her hardest to get to Gracie!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So I guess Quidditch is out of the question!!

Yesterday was cleaning day for Miss Pretty and I! My goal was to get the messy kitchen back in working order! It just gets so cluttered and everything gets dropped in there when we get home from somewhere! Especially the table! It gets piled high with junk! For example: our gingerbread house from Christmas was still there minus a couple of chunks that Gracie snacked on! A lint roller that had obviously gotten stuck to Gracie's behind while she snacked on the above said gingerbread house! Junk mail. Stuff that I'd taken out of the diaper bag, but didn't take up to the hamper, etc, etc. . .
So I was almost done and just needed to sweep and mop the floor. I gave her a bowl of sweet potatoe chunks to entertain her and that worked until she looked up and saw me sweeping. She became histerical! I thought maybe she'd gotten hurt somehow so I walked over to her with the broom in hand and she started waving her arms and screaming! She's terrified of the broom! Once I finished and put it away she calmed down a bit. She did the same thing with the vaccum last week and that was a little more understandable because it's loud and scary, but the broom?? Is that normal?
A quick Johnson update. . . Slick turned 30 last week. We went out to eat with his fam who came to town for the day and then we went to the Home Show! He's easily entertained. The Golden Globes were on last weekend! I'm an award show junky! I love to see what everyone wears and who wins what! I was disappointed the Leo didn't win for best actor! I think he's an amazing actor and has aged well! I was happy that Heath Ledger won for his role in the Dark Knight. Such a good movie.
Miss Pretty is close to crawling! She loves the remote control! And she is not fooled by imposters like the old one that doesn't work anymore! She wants full power! So we bribe her with that! It's cute!
My momacita and little bro also celebrated a birthday this week! I won't list their ages, for privacy purposes :). Today in honor of them, my dad is making the best chili verde on the face of this planet!
And last but not least, I have joined a book club! Not a nerdy book club, I can assure you. We went out to eat on Friday night and although I didn't read Pride and Prejudice, I have seen the movie, so I could offer my two cents here and there. But our next selection, despite Camie's plea for Twilight, is "Confessions of a Shopaholic". After we meet to discuss it, we're going to see the movie. It should be a nice get away once a month for mommy!

We were also doing a photo shoot while we were cleaning the kitchen!! Work it! Own it!

I don't think I've posted pics of her two little front teeth yet!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I said so what. . . I'm still a ROCKSTAR!!!

Today was Miss Pretty's 9 month well baby checkup with Dr Dreamy! He is so good with her! He seriously is one of the best Dr's I've ever been to! He never makes you feel rushed or stupid for any questions that you ask! And he explains everything very well! Plus the added bonus that he's handsome! :)
Here's Pretty's stats:

Weight: 17lbs 12oz (I swear she weighs more than that! But he said it's normal for her weight to level out a bit because she's becoming more active)
Height: 29 in
Head Circumference: 44 cm

He said that she's doing great! I told him that I was concerned that she's not crawling and he just said "You know, about half of the babies her age crawl by now. . . and obviously the other half don't. Don't worry, she's doing great." This is me. . . "uh huh. . whatever you say. . "

Here she is in her new rocking chair that Gma and Gpa J got her! She rocks herself pretty good in there!
This week is Slick's 30th Birthday!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

How much wood could a woodchuck, chuck. . .

And last but not least. . . Before the year ended I thought it would be fun to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth out! Not really, but it had to be done, 2 of them were impacted and another was almost coming through. So on Tuesday, Doug took me to the oral surgeon and they knocked me out and pulled the suckers! It was quite an interesting experience! Doug said that when he came in to see me and wake me up, I said "What up DOG!!" I don't remember too much until I got home and became a bit more coherent! My good friend Heather called me sometime during that doped up time and I don't really remember talking to her. Sorry Heather! So for New Year's Eve, my dad made Prime Rib like he always does, and for the 2nd year in a row, I couldn't have any! (last year I was prego and yacking) We came home at 9 and were asleep by 10! What a bunch of party poopers eh? I vaguely remember all the neighbors letting off fireworks and waking up Hailey.

So for this next year. . I've made a couple of New Year's resolutions:
1. No surgeries! Boo!
2. I'm running my half marathon in April!!
3. Gain a stronger testimony of my Savior and Heavenly Father!! Definately go the temple more!
Happy New Year Everyone! Enjoy my Chubby Bunny pics!

And here I am today. Yes that is swelling and not just fat! (although there is a little of that too.)

Mommy's lil' Helper!

So this past Saturday, I decided to do some batch baby food cooking because I had a ton of yams left over and some squash and broccoli to cook. Hailey decided to be big helper and knock over whatever she could reach!
Our sweet potato masterpiece!

She's so proud too!
Afterward, I let her feed herself! What a cutie!
So I totally love making her food and it's been quite economical for us too! You might be wondering what I'm puting her food in, in that picture. . .that's my silicone snowflake ice cube tray. I've found that's the best way to freeze the food! They come out so much easier! It's only snowflake because that was on sale at JoAnn's. So if anyone if wondering what to get me for my Birthday. . .silicone ice cube trays! Can we say Nerd Alert?!

Ho Ho Ho!

Hailey's first Christmas was so much fun! We went up to Pocatello for the week. She did quite well, just had a hard time sleeping, which didn't fair well for mommy! If anyone has any tips on traveling and getting them to sleep okay, please do share! I tried to make a slide show of all of these pics, but it wouldn't work, so here they all are! She got lots of cute toys and clothes and jammies and fun stuff!
Before we left, Doug and I opened our presents from each other. This is his lovely wrapping job! It's one of those cool food choppers, the magic bullet! (Yes Jenn, they sell those at Khols!)
This is the best present that we got this year! Baby Hailey!Here she is waiting to open all of her presents from Santa!
We woke to a blizzard on Christmas morning!

She loved the paper! Probly would have eaten as much as she could if we'd let her!
Fun toys!
Hailey and mommy cheezin it up for the camera!
She was having so much fun just hangin' out with Grandma and Grandpa!
Grandpa Johnson was singing her some Beatles songs and she kept tilting her head to the side to get him to look at her! It was too cute!

Mommy and her ham!

Me and Kyr chillin' on Christmas day!

My work of art! That sucker had to weigh like 25lbs! I even had a lovely dancing pole on the side of the house with a Gingerbread man shakin' it! Gotta have a little fun sometimes!
It was a fun week! My in-laws are the best!