Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Have yOur CaKe and EAt it ToO!

So this is my bragging post. . . my mother-in-law does wedding cakes for some of our family members and this is her latest creation!! I think it's amazing!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I always thought those ladies in the supermarket in front of me, with all of their coupons were nuts and had way too much time on their hands!! Well, I got news for ya'll. . . . I've been converted! My BFF Brynn and her hubby gave me a tutorial about how to coupon shop and how simple it really is if you want it to be (trust me, it can be complicated, but only if you want it to be!) So this past month and a half, i've tested out the waters to see if it's worth it. WOW!! I'm seriously so ashamed to admit that i've been paying so much for food and misc. things this whole time!! The above picture is one of my many deals that i've gotten this past month at Target. I got this whole load for $11!! (I think the most expensive thing was the Hydrocortozone cream, but I had to buy that, due to Miss Pretty's rash) And just yesterday, I got jumbo packs of Huggies for $3.23 per package!! It's insane! I started out asking everyone at work to bring me their coupons inserts from the Sunday paper, if they didn't use them. I now get about 7 per week! So I don't even have to pay for a paper! I've listed a bunch of cool websites to check out if this is something that you've been thinking about trying. My favorite, is the first one "Freebies 2 Deals"! My sis and I went to a conference she had this past weekend and learned so much! Check them out! HAPPY COUPONING!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Gus Gus!

Miss Pretty and I celebrated a birthday last week! I still can't believe that she's 2!! Craziness!

Birthday Girl shirt she wore on her actual birthday. She didn't want to get her picture taken can you tell?
Spent the morning of my birthday breakin' a sweat to get this lil' girl to smile! We went to JC Penney for the photos. Didn't love the photographer who kept sighing and acting like we were a pain (like I didn't already know???) but we finally got 4 keepers! It doesn't look it, but Miss Pretty did NOT want to pose or cooperate at all!

A few days before her birthday, I was doing some chores and Miss Pretty decided it was time to go "Bye Bye". Here she is stylin' as usual. She kept saying "Bye bye! Go shoppin'!"

Miss Pretty was a trooper on the day of the festivities! We had a lot of family here and it was a busy, crazy day!! We found out a few days later that she had a double ear infection and roseola! So she was surprisingly chipper for having such an ear ache! My sweet mother-in-law helped me make her birthday cake. It turned out so cute! It was so much fun to have so much family come to visit and she loved having both "Geema's" here!

She got spoiled. I promise, I requested no toys because our basement has already been invaded! But as you can see, that didn't happen. She loved it all though!
On a side note, I turned the big 30!! Kinda wierd! I don't feel that old!
My favorite things about Miss Pretty:
"Nuggling" with her.
Her chicken legs.
When she tries to pick my nose!
When she tells me I look cute.
When she tells me that her blankie needs to be washed!
The fact that she likes to go "Shoppin'"
Her cute personality.
When she chases the cat.
Doing our nails.
And many many more! Happy Birthday Miss Pretty! Momma loves you!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Many of you know I work at East High School. We have this really cool program here that collects donated formal dresses and dress clothes. It's called "The Leopard Boutique" and when we have a dance here, students are able to borrow them for the dance for free. It's a really cool program and gives students a chance to go and get all "PROMMED" up!! So my plea is for donations. Please look around your closets, tell your brothers, sisters, whoever. . . to look around and see what formal wear they've been hanging on to. They need dresses (big, small, any), shoes, jewelry, clutches, slacks, dress shirts, ties, dress coats. . . .

If you're interested or have something to finally let go of (I still have that dress, that I KNOW I will fit into again!) leave me a comment. I will pick it up or you can always drop stuff off to East.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Wendover or Bust!!!

I spent my last weekend of my 20's with my two BFF's, my sisters. J-Lo got us girls tickets to see Boyz II Men. We had a blast! Best birthday present ever!

This was my 4th time seeing them in concert. . . I know. . . obsess much? I was kinda hopin' they'd give me a rose again. They were lookin' mighty fine in their suits!! Woowee!

We were really good and refrained from throwing any unmentionables on stage! It was all I could do to hold Gina back! :) We giggled and laughed all night! Here are the highlights of the evening:
*All the silly ex boyfriend memories that their music brings back! Chad Gailey - 6th grade, Joe Quintana 7th grade and of course Hailame Tua'one-high school!
*People watching! Lady in the blue hair - ummm no! Lady in the bedazzled 4th of July shirt - it's March!
*Gina thinking the casino was closed because the front doors were tinted.
*The mirrored ceiling and walls in the casino.
*Not having the cash to go to the VIP aftershow party! Boo to the not so friendly hags that weren't helpful at all!
*Thinking we were getting held up at the gas station because some lady was asking where the Vault was? (meaning the Vault drink that was on sale).
*But the number one highlight was Jenn asking if the Aleve single packs on the gas station counter were free? and the store clerk replying "NO! Does it say free on them?"

Ladies, it was a blast!! Let's do the Boyz cruise in Feb. 2011!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Howard the Duck

Well we have a new residence in our yard. I like to call him Howie! He's a duck that has decided that he's going to call our yard and the neighbor's yard "home". I'm not sure where he came from, but he just struts around the yard and quacks all the time. Last night there was a gathering of cats in the driveway that looked like they might have a brawl and right when they were getting serious, Howie came waddling right through the middle like "Yo, what up ladies!" It was too funny! I'm not really sure what I should feed him or if I need to, I suppose I will google it.

I'm getting a little better at doing Miss Pretty's hair! Yesterday for church, she let me put little pig tails in. I still can't believe how big she's getting! She'll be 2 next week!! The other morning I went to wake her up to leave for the babysitters and she gave me a sleepy look with her eyes half open and said "Oh mommy, soooo cute!" Talk about melt my heart!