Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Funsies!!

Just when I think summer will be all nice and relaxin' it goes and does something like this. . . .gets CrAzY busy and then disappears!! Boo! I wish it lasted a little bit longer for sure.

Miss Pretty has been so much fun lately (she's always been fun, but seems to get funnier everyday!) She had her 3 year check up with Dreamy last week and she is in the 83% for her height! She only had to get one shot (can I get an Amen!) and demanded a milkshake afterward for being so brave!

Here is a funny sleepytime pic I was able to snap one night. Too funny!

We started some projects this summer. . .didn't necessarily finish them, but we're getting there! Here is our front room before I began painting it (word to the wise. . . hire someone if you can, painting is for the birds!) but we succeeded with lots of whining on my part! I don't have an after picture, because I haven't been able to really clean the front room all pretty to take one. But I promise, you'll get one soon! I do love the after much better! Here's my lil' "Rambo". She has this Tinkerbell headband that she wears like a sweatband! Cracks me right up. Reminds me of when my little brother Ben used to wear his Rambo headband ALL the TIME and that turquoise necklace that I often wondered if I could wear it too.

it's been a fun summer, not too hot (well until recently), we've played outside alot and worked on the house. Miss Pretty gets to go to preschool next week and she is so excited! She's also requesting to go to dance class. Here's a pic of her with her new bike and helmet "Gammy" Johnson got for her.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Grampa Vern

Grandpa Johnson was the best fisherman I ever did know! I met this man 10 years ago and always felt loved from the minute I met him! D's has so many fun stories that he's always sharing with me about him and there are times that I even have to call D "Vernon" because he reminds me so much of him!

We went to Idaho at the end of June and got the opportunity to go up and visit Grandpa in the hospital. It was hard seeing him so ill, but fun to hear him still talking about his passion --FISHING!! A week later, he left this world and was reunited with his sweet wife and many others I'm sure. 3 years ago, on March 11, 2008, we welcomed a miracle into our lives -- Miss Pretty. That day, we also lost Grandma Johnson unexpectedly. It was hard for us to not be able to say goodbye, but at the same time, I know that she was up there to send Miss Pretty off to us. Until we meet again Grandma and Grandpa!! Miss Pretty and Grandpa on her blessing day.

Auntie Kyr and Miss Pretty being ultra glamorous!

I love this pic! My brother-in-law saying goodbye. It was very sad to see D and his brother weep for their grandpa. He taught them everything they know about fishing and then some.

All of the grandsons.

We got to see so much family while we were there and I'm sure that Grandpa was looking down on us and relishing in it all because it's not very often that we're all able to be together like that.