Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Long awaited updates!

Okay ya'll!! It's me the slacker! Life's been busy and of course we don't have the internet, so it's hard to find time to come to Jenn's to "network". But here I am, totally redeeming myself. If you look below, I posted 3 other blogs of life here on the Johnson Ranch. Lots of exciting things happening!

Doug and I will be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary this Sunday! We don't have any plans except to put Hailey to bed early and "watch" movies :).

As for our little Hailey, she is now 8 months old!

She is eating lots of yummy foods and we are getting ready to introduce Tofu! I just love her so much and she's so much fun!
In case you couldn't tell by some of my recent pics, I'm really packin' it on! So i've made a goal to lose 30 lbs by Hailey's first birthday! And I'm running the half marathon with Brynn in April! It's been a challenge to get back into an exercise routine and it's hard to find the time! But I've really been making it a priority the past 3 weeks and I'm up to 3 miles already! I'll be posting my progress as I go on and hopefully I'll be fitting back into my old pants again!
Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and I promise to post more often!

Hey Edward, Suck This! (that didn't come out good huh!)

We were some of those crazy girls that went to the midnight showing of Twilight! I loved it! Sure there were parts that didn't match what I thought they should be, but I still loved it! And Edward was the hottest darn vampire I've ever seen!
Jenn and I were so witty and made us all shirts to wear out for out GNO! I think they're pretty clever!

NKOTB Baby! That's right!

Jenn, Camie and I went to the New Kids on the Block Concert on November 15! It was my 2nd time seeing them live! I went back in '90 and if it's possible, they have only gotten better! I don't think i've screamed that much ever! It was the best night and I fell in love with them all over again!
Baby, I believe in you. . . and every little thang you do!

They were bustin' moves like you wouldn't believe! And they're new jams are fabulous!

Here we are at the Training Table lookin' fly! Here's what we were thinking:
Jenn: "I hope that Jonathan sees me and asks me backstage!"
Camie: "Jordan baby, come to momma!"
Kristy : "Maybe this body glitter will get Donnie's attention and he'll pull me on stage for Covergirl"
The next day, I was feeling nostalgic and I got out my old box of New Kids posters and pins. Too funny!
And to all you haters. . .you're just jealous! I heart New Kids! TLA

Halloween - Meow!

We had a fun Halloween this year! Momma kitty and baby kitty went to mommy's work for Halloween and I got to show her off! That night, we went trick or treating with her cousins!

Look at us hot ladies of East High! Meow!

Picking out our Pumpkins!