Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yummy, Yummy in my tummy!!

Gina and I went to the Colors concert a few weeks ago! I love Colors! Thanks Gina for going with me! It was a lot of fun and they were worth every penny!

Here's Miss Hailey in her new Hippo Jammies! She looks so cute in them!

Her first bites of food! She loves eating!

Her 6 month picture! She's growing so fast!
So Hailey is doing so well! She had her 6 month check up with dreamy Dr. Dimick on Monday! Big 15 lbs, 10 oz! and 27 inches long! He was really impressed with her and how well she's done! She's sitting up all by herself, but not quite rolling over yet!
She's eating lots of different things that mommy is cookin' up! Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Avacados, Oatmeal and Rice. Our next endeavor is butternut squash! It's fun making it and way cheaper! I found a cool website:
I went up and saw cute Trevor Eastman last week! I just love all of his hair! Too cute! Can't wait for him and Hailey to play together!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back to Work!!! Too busy to think!!

So here's our monthly update for the Johnson Fam!! I am back to work, thus the lack of blogs this month. It's been really hard on momma to leave Miss Hailey, but she's doing very well with the changes and she's just growing so much! We found an amazing babysitter on Wed through Fri. Hailey just loves Sonja's house! Hailey turns 6 months old tomorrow! She's very close to rolling over and sitting up! Can't believe how fast it's gone by & how big she is now! Here she is in her Braves outfit, Daddy's favorite! Great Great Aunt Suzie sent us the cutest pink one that doesn't quite fit her yet, but when it does it will be picture time again!
She has discovered her toes and her voice! She's got the cutest soft talks, but when she's mad, she can sure tell us now! I can't help but laugh though because she's such a drama queen!

Tomorrow we will be giving her cereal for the first time! I have made the decision to make all of her baby food and have found some really cool websites and books to help me on this adventure! We gave her one of her spoons to test out and she loved it! Gagged herself a few times! Definately a Lloyd!
I sort of went buck wild at the Quilted Bear and bought quite a few hair bows! I couldn't stop and she looks so stinkin' cute in them!
Daddy and Hailey! She's loves him!

My neice Elsie is growing so fast! Already over a month old and I believe she's quite the drama queen as well! Last Sunday she got blessed! She looks so cute! Her big brother Isaak is so proud and very protective of his "baby sister" as he calls her! He is growing up too! He started Pre School this week and found a friend to chase the girls around at recess with! They yell "Girls Stink" as they chase them!
So that's the recap! We got some cute pics done at Kiddy Kandids that I will have to post! She's starting to fit into all of her cute dresses! Here she is dressed up in her cute Levi Mini lookin' all sorts of stylish!