Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All My Friends. . .Own a lowrider. . . .

Sunday dinner was a blast this past week! The kids have so much fun playing together now that they're all running and semi-talking. We got some good news from Ben and Terra. I'm going to be an Auntie again! Can't wait! Hearing the news confirmed what we've been feeling for a while now, that it's time to start trying for another babe! I must admit that I am terrified to get pg again, after my timultuous pregnancy with Miss Pretty. I'm still not sure how I survived, or how D survived for that matter!! I just know that we are supposed to have more and that Heavenly Father will help me to make it through! SCARY!

Anywho. . . .Here are some fun pics of all the chitlins having fun!Baby A chilaxin with G-ma. Everyone asks where she gets those cheeks? If you were to see Levi's baby pics, you'd know!! I'll have to scan one and post it! She is so adorable!
The best yard sale bargain, JLo and I ever found. . . .a Step 2 firetruck that resembles Fred Flinstone's ride! Only $5!! JLo got this out on Sunday and we couldn't keep the kids off of it!!
Baby sis and Miss Pretty were co drivers at one point, while Spidey pushed! Check out Baby Sis' outfit! Slammin! She thought she'd chance fate and stand while in route!
Cuz B is riding coach. Let me just tell you how hilarious they were!
Photo op! Notice Cuz B's shirt. . ."Big Brother"!

Funny story. . . Spidey asked Uncle Levi to pretend like he was a big scary bear and chase the kids around. Well. . . .Uncle Levi gladly abliged! I've never seen such horror on the faces of young children before!! Spidey made a b-line for the stairs, let the firetruck skid into the couch and give Cuz B & Baby Sis whiplash! Baby Sis started screaming bloody murder and Miss Pretty took off into the corner crying with fear! I think Cuz B was the only one that thought it was funny besides me of course! I was laughing so hard, that I couldn't tell everyone why the kids were all crying!!

We got Miss Pretty all dolled up for church on Sunday. . . I know, I know, we did actually go! Shocking! We now have the 9 o'clock and I couldn't be happier!! Miss Pretty is much more pleasant, as am I!

Here are a couple of random pics. She loves to try on daddy's shoes!

Hammin' it up for the camera.

And last but not least, her electrifying pic!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Todos Juntos!

My lil' Miss Pretty is getting so big and so hilarious!! She's a chatty patty these days and a mocking bird, so mommy really has to watch what she says! She will be 2 in March and I can't even believe it! We went to Idaho this past weekend and had so much fun with the fam! I miss them a lot. Miss Pretty played to her heart's content and clung to "Gamma's" hip the whole time demanding to go "bye bye" and "shoppin'".
She seems to be growing and will soon be taller than me I think!

This post is a tribute to her latin boyfriend "Manny Garcia" on the Disney Channel. She could watch those shows all day if I let her.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm dreaming of a Johnson Christmas. . .

WARNING - Picture Overload! I'm finally getting our fun Christmas pics loaded on and updated. It was a blast this year with Miss Pretty! She had so much fun! It was fun having Santa come visit our house. We spent Christmas Eve at Ben and Terr's house. The kids had fun running amuck and playing with all their toys. We got Jenn and Duke matching snuggies, which were a big hit!

Christmas morning we had to wake sleeping beauty.
She was very sleepy and was wondering what all this early business was about?

We had to keep giving her presents and telling her to keep opening because she was sort of zoned. Her favorite present from Santa was granola bars! She wanted one opened and ate it while we helped her open presents too.

I made all the girls Christmas tutu's. It was a lot of fun. We never got them all together though, to get a picture.
Miss Pretty definately got spoiled by both grandparents! It was a really good Christmas and we are so blessed to have such great families!


Here's her haul! Santa brought her the kitchen that's peeking out in the back. She loves making us pizza and cupcakes in there!