Friday, June 19, 2009

This is Why I'm HOT!

"I'm hot cuz i'm fly. . .you ain't cuz you not!"
Sorry I just added that song to my IPOD and I thought it fit the occasion. We took our first trip to the swimming pool today in K Town. It was the first non rainy day that we've had but it was windy. The girls had fun playing and showing off their suits.

Baby Cuz checkin' out her palm tree flotation device.
The girls divying up the snacks.
Miss Pretty: "4 for me, 1 for you."
Baby Cuz: "I'm so getting ripped off here, gimme those!"

Just puttin' out the vibes mom!

I got the half smile from Baby Cuz. Not too impressed with Auntie and her camera.

Miss Pretty didn't like the pool at all. I think the big bucket o' water that fills up and dings when it's gonna tip over and dump water on all the crazy kids, scared her from the beginning. But when we got close to the pool, all the noise and splashing put her over the edge. I took her over and put her in her floaty and she screamed bloody murder and tried to get out. Everyone looked at me like I was some horrible mother for making her get in. I think she lasted 4.5 seconds and then we got out. Getting out was worse because it was windy and she got cold. She finally calmed down and decided playing on the grass was way funner! It was fun to get out though and get some Vitamin D.

Tonight Leatherby's or Bust!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Walk this Way. . . Talk this Way!

Here's the moment we've all been waiting for. . . .our Princess is walking!! Last week she decided it was time and she took her first steps! It's been so much fun and she is so proud of herself! I've snapped a few pics of her in action. Poor Gracie doesn't stand a chance now!
She's no longer interested in the walker, I can't imagine why, so she was on the loose while I made dinner the other day and she found my keys and was trying her hardest to get that door open.
She also did a very good job at unloading whatever she could in the kitchen!

She found the lint remover and figured out that it was a pretty good push car. She pushed that thing around the whole house. I should have given her a sponge to mop while she was at it!

Storytime has become quite the event for Miss Pretty. She loves to read stories and point to the pictures. She has her favorite books to read, but she also has one that scares her! For whatever reason, this cute "Dinosaur Kisses" book makes her hysterical. It's a pop up book, so that could be a factor, but I had to put it away today because she saw it on the bottom shelf and just started crying. It was hard not to laugh, because this doesn't look scary to me.
She's growing and changing everyday. I love being a mommy so much! I am finally off for a few weeks, so i'm excited to get some much needed cleaning done and spend some quality time with my babe and her daddy. The rain has been a little bit of a downer, but I also love to hear the thunder and the rain. Can't wait to take Miss Pretty swimming!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's the pits man, the pits!!

This one goes out to the girlz at book club! Brynn, hopefully you remember this!

So last night while at book club, the topic of movie theaters came up and our movie theater experiences. Well I think mine topped them all!! You can all laugh because it was a long time ago, but just know that at the time, I was horrified!

One time, my BFF Brynn and I were at the movies watching some chick flick, I can't even remember what it was now. We were well into the movie when I had an urge to itch the back of my arm. I was wearing a sleeveless shirt and as I felt the back of my arm to itch it, I also felt something back there that didn't belong to me! For whatever reason, I do not know and I will probably never know, the creepy pedifile of a man behind us, had nuzzled his chubby fat toes into my armpit without me knowing it. When I felt them back there, I jerked away and he got up really fast and left. I was like "Brynn! That guy had his foot in my armpit!" Ewww!!!

To the creepy foot/armpit fettish man. . . keep your pigs in your own barn! And to those unsuspecting women out there, check to see who's sitting behind you at the movie theater!!

"Here it is, a groove, slighty transformed. . .just a bit of a break from the norm. . "

I love love love Summertime! Will Smith really knew what he was singin' about! Here's your monthly update of all the Johnson happenin's!
Miss Pretty is now a free stander! "Look mom, no hands!" She thinks she's so cool just standin' there. I'm sure that she's so close to walking. She's hilarious and just has the funniest personality! She's become quite the groover and shaker just like her momma! "My milkshake brings all the boyz to the yard. . ." She's getting some new teeth finally which has been hard for her, but I'm glad for them to finally come in.

Here's mommy and Miss pretty strikin' a pose. She had some marinara for dinner and decided to paint her face with it.

Miss pretty and Cuz Munch chillin' on Gma and Gpa's rockin' chair.
Her baby mullet is becoming a bit more managable finally! Today I was able to pull the top into an ever so tiny pony and put a bow on top.

Mommy and Miss Pretty again. We went to the mountains for our Cuz's graduation BBQ and this was the only snap we got.
She's become the chatty patty these days. Here she is chillin' in daddy's lap talkin' to her girlz on her cell phone! She puts it to her ear and says something that sounds like "hello". If you ask her what a monkey says, she's says "ah ah ah ah". She's also saying "cracker", "up", "night night", and "kitty cat".
She's such a silly sleeper. The other morning when I went in to wake her up, her onsie that is obviously too small, had come unbuttoned and her booty was hangin' out. This is her usual sleeping pose. I've been very lucky to have a good sleeper baby! If I could give one piece of advice to any new mother, it would be to get your baby into a good routine and don't waver from it. Also, if possible, take away that binkie as soon as you can after 12 months. Since we took away the bink, she sleeps for 12 hours every night!

Here's Miss Pretty's new dresser. We found a different one than we had originally found. My mom found this one at a yard sale a few weeks ago for $15. It was blue with blue knobs, but I painted it white and put hot pink knobs on it. It looks dang cute in her room and only costed $25 by the time I bought the paint and new hardware!! Plus, I sold the other one that I had originally bought on KSL and made $22 bucks off of it! BTW, I have 6 blue knobs if anyone needs any.
Book Club this month was fun! It's nice to get out with the girls. We read "Angels and Demons". Dang good! Can't wait for next months' read! I will be double timin' it because I will also be reading Harry Potter to get ready for the movie! Can't wait!
I'm almost out for the summer! Next week is my last week until August. I'm so excited to spend some time with Miss Pretty and get some much needed walking in!