Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hey Tommy. . . Quit playin' with your dingy!

We bought us a boat from my parents! The Sea Nymph was born in 1978 and has been part of many of my childhood memories! We recently bought it from mom and dad Lloyd and took her out for a spin on ol' Strawberry last weekend. What a blast!

Daddy and Miss Pretty very serious about fishin'!
Here fishy fishy!

Mommy and Miss Pretty!

It was a fun day trip! Miss Pretty was quite the trooper. She wanted to take that life jacket off a couple of times so she could lay down and go to sleep, but we made her keep it on! So she became delirious and started singing silly songs.

In other news, Miss Pretty got her bed converted into a "big girl bed"! I will take better pictures of her new bed and post them later. But she is doing great and LOVES sleeping and jumping in her new bed! I thought we'd have problems with her wandering out in the middle of the night, but the only time she comes out of her room, is in the morning when she wakes up, she tip toes out and whispers "Mommy?" in our room. Too fun!

We are potty training this weekend. Should be quite interesting!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Check out this awsome blog!

Hi family and friends! Check out this blog dedicated to my cousin Heather!


My cousin Heather is the sweet mother of two beautiful boys! She suffered a stroke last Friday and is still in ICU. There is information on there if you would like to donate anything to help cover medical costs and to help with child expenses. You're love and prayers are needed with this one guys!