Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

On April 29th, my dad would have been 59.  I decided that I didn't want to spend the day being sad and so I planned a big ol' party for the fam and friends to celebrate his life.  I know that he would have wanted that too.  We had a bounce house, hot dogs and home made rootbeer.  It turned out to be such a fun a day!  The kids had a blast playing in the bounce house and running amuck.

This homemade rootbeer's for you pops!

I love my family.  I'm sad that my dad isn't in this pic :(.  But I know that he is so proud of all of us.

We did a balloon release (I know all you environmental freaks, pretend like you didn't read that)  It was such a beautiful moment!  I could feel my dad with us.  Loved that part!

Does this picture need any explaination? I mean really?

The kiddos having a ball! 

So it's been 8 months already since my dad passed away.  I can't believe it's been that long since I saw him or talked to him.  I think about him all the time and try to remember all his little quarks.  I still feel like I'm picking up pieces here and there of what life was like before September 9th, 2011.  I don't know that I'll ever be the same.  This has changed me.  I don't know what I've learned from it yet.  I'm still figuring so much out about me, about life and about my relationship with my Heavenly Father.  Still working through some anger, some disappointment, and lot's of grief.  I remember when he first passed and people would tell me that it never stops hurting, you just get used to the pain.  I'm still not used to the pain.  I miss him terribly and I'm sad that things weren't good before he died.  I'm sad that i didn't get to tell him I loved him one last time or that I didn't hug him tight enough the last time I saw him.  But I'm getting there.  Very slowly, I'm letting the healing in.  The Lord is so patient with me.  He knows that I need a little more time than most because I question so much.  I think of those times in SuperMan when a building or something collapses on him and he suddenly comes flying out of the rubble and all the "superhero" music starts to play. . . . someday that will be me!  I'm going to come out of this rubble and I'm going to have a theme song!! Something like "I'm Sexy & I Know It".  Until then, I'll keep digging through the rubble. . . or swimming through the molasses. . . . :) 

My Mini-ME!

I love my mini-ME Miss Pretty!  She is so stinkin' cute even when she's being naughty.  She does and says the funniest things these days.  She got a new swimming suit and wants to run through the sprinklers all the time.  Here's a pic of her and her daddy.

Quite the ham! 

She came in the other night in her halloween costume from 2 years ago.  She also had a tutu on underneath.  
Her favorite things to do:
Go to Aunt Jenny Poo's house (that's what she calls her)
Watch cartoons on Netflix.
Hang out in her underoos and get her back scratched by mommy.
Water the garden or pretty much anything that she can poor water on.
Play dress up and sing songs like "You are my Sunshine" and "Tuty Ta".
Put together puzzles.
Dance like there's no tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spring has Sprung in Johnsonville!

This spring has been an eventful one for our family.  Miss Pretty got a trampoline for her birthday this year. aka: the "Tramp" as us West Valley natives call it :)! 

The crazy little leprachans came and made a mess at our house this year!  But they left behind some yummy treats for us to eat!

We went to the Clark Planetarium for an Easter Egg Hunt and breakfast with the Easter Bunny.  The girls had fun gathering lots of eggs.  The Easter Bunny gave away its idenity when Miss Pretty saw her blonde hair hanging out from under her bunny mask.  Too funny!

"The real" Easter Bunny came to our house to bring lots of treasures.

Last but not least, the hubby and I got a night out on the town, thanks to my sis.  We went to City Creek to see what all the hype was about.  Very cool, but very overpriced for my liking.  It was still fun though.   

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Under the Sea. . .

Miss Pretty had a crazy clothes day at school one day.  She looks pretty CrAzY!

For her 4th birthday, she decided she wanted a Little Mermaid party.  We had fun with the decor!

I attempted an Ariel princess cake.  She was a full on "Monet".  From far away, she looked good, but up close. . . .eeek! :).  The girls liked it still.

The kiddos got to decorate their treat bags before going to the fishing pond and the pinata. 

Miss Pretty and her besties in the cute aquarium background that Grammy and Kyr made.  It was a fun party!  Miss Pretty got lots of fun presents and got to play with her friends!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Did Somebody Call for a Fireman??

I'm so proud of my li'l brother Ben!  He has passed all required tests and deemed fit to control large red firetrucks, ride down poles and handle large hoses. . . .alright people. . .I'm talkin' about firefighting here!  He is now EMT certified and currently looking for a city that can handle his dashing good looks and dazzling smile. . .oh and mad firefighting skills!  My sister-in-law threw a fun party to celebrate!  Here's a cute cake that she made for the event!

I was in charge of the popcorn table.  Yummy jello popcorn!

So proud of my little brother!

Yup that's him!  This is what happens when I leave my camera lying about!

My bestest friends!

Good job buddy!

She's Beautiful. . . That's For Sure!!

My baby turned 4 this year!! We went and got her pics taken and she was a ROCKSTAR!! Posing so cute for every one of them!

Dirty South Part III

Part III is my final post about my trip to Georgia in January.  One of the last trips that we took while in the South, was to Tennessee. . . Chattanooga to be exact.  We got to walk across the Tennessee River and go into some different shops and we went to Rock City Gardens.  We had a blast laughing and seeing the sights!

 All my besties, posing at Rock City.  I love these girls!  Just so ya'll know, it was very humid and rainy that day, so my hair got a teeny bit "boofont!" 

 One of my favorite places that we went in Tennessee was "Good Dog".  They have THE best hot dogs!  The owner was so nice, she reminded me of Rachel Ray!  We also had a good laugh when she was telling us about her buns. . . hot dog buns of course!  Here is Megan getting every last bit of goodness from her red velvet cup cake!

My favorite picture from my trip.  I got up early on our last day and the rain had cleared up from the night before.  The sun was gleaming through the trees and glistening off all the rain drops on the leaves.  The birds were singing and it smelled amazing!  It was very symbollic of the next phase of my life.  What a fun trip!  I learned so much about myself. . . like the fact that I have panic attacks on airplanes! But other stuff too :).  I love my friend, Jenn's family so much and we had so much fun getting to know all the kids!  Definately the best food I've ever had!