Monday, April 25, 2011

Preparing ourselves for Mr. Bunny!

It's been a blast this year, talking to Miss Pretty about Easter and what it means, but also about the Easter Bunny. There are always mixed reviews when it comes to "should you tell your kids about the fake, commercialized, holiday peeps?" But we've decided that it's fun and there's no harm in it! So all last week, we prepped ourselves for the egg hunts and what to do. Our practice run was at our church with her Cuz. Our ward is so fun and had treats on the lawn and cookies for them to decorate.

Decorating cookies. Miss Pretty inhaled hers of course, but her cousin just licked all the frosting and sprinkles off.
Miss Pretty is hilarious! Everyday she surprises me with something cute and adorable. Well the other day during lunch (yes she's still in her jammies, it was Spring Break!), she propped her feet right up and started eating that way. I promise, these aren't shinanagins learned from her parents!

Spring Break. . . oh how it's changed over the years. . . !

So I had Spring Break from work this past week. As I lounged around most of my days in my stretchy pants and cleaned places that haven't been cleaned in 4 years, I thought of the Spring Breaks from back in the day. . . .*giggle* My most favorite Spring Break, was the one that I took with a couple of my besties, Brynn and Chandra. We went to St. George, dragged the strip, met boys and listened to Samantha Fox the entire time! Too much fun! Now here we are 15 or so years later and the highlight of my Spring Break was going to the Dinosaur Museum with my hubby and Miss Pretty. But I wouldn't have it any other way! :) (Although I wouldn't mind the venue changing to perhaps Hawaii next year or something!) She had a blast and couldn't stop talking about it!

Here are some fun pics of her:

Diggin' for gold. . . .or Dino bones, whichever we find first.

Everytime she'd see that I had the camera, she'd turn on the "cheese"!

A little hestitant at first. . . .
And the cheese. . .

Daddy and Miss Pretty under the BIG Dino!!

We went into the gift shop afterward and the prize that she picked out was a set of 3D glow-in-the-dark planets. She watched a "Bubble Guppies" episode about the Solar System and ever since then, she is obsessed with it. Too cute!

We also celebrated my SIL's birthday this past week and I made her a hippo cake. (she loves hippos) I thought it turned out pretty good.

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Dream Craft/Sewing Room. . . (sigh)

One day, this will be my craft room!


Easter Bunny, laid some eggs. . .

So for Conference weekend, we went to Idaho to visit the fam. It was so much fun and so relaxing! Conference was awsome and I got my coupon binder all up to date (I know, NERD ALERT!) We also were busy making these sugar eggs.It was so fun! I had a hard time stopping myself from adding more decor and foof! I was pretty proud of myself!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dananana. . .you say it's yo birthday!

Finally some pics from Miss Pretty's birthday! It was a fun filled evening of friends, family, laughs and big bears! Thanks to all that came and celebrated our princess' 3rd birthday! We are very blessed with such amazing family and friends! Miss Pretty had so much fun having a party all about her! Enjoy the pic overload:

Mommy and Daddy gave her some presents before all the chaos began.

Our fun Dora Decor Dora was much harder to make than I thought she'd be! Love the hot pink pants! (they're supposed to be red :))
Eating her cake!
All our friends packed in our small family room.
Miss Ava checkin' out the goods.
Daddy was on pinata patrol.

Present overload! We had to do some major cleaning out of the toy room!
My favorite part of the evening was Aunt Suzee bear showing up with this massive teddy bear for Miss Pretty! Nearly knocked Miss Pretty over.