Sunday, February 17, 2008

UFC move on over. . .East High is comin' through!

So the following article was in the Salt Lake Tribune on Saturday:

Fight brings cops to East High
Posted: 6:21 PM- More than a dozen police officers responded Friday to a string of fights at East High School in Salt Lake City when two students from another school apparently started a scuffle. The first fight began in a hallway about 2 p.m. and was stopped by a resource officer, said Salt Lake City Detective Roger Williams. When about 50 students crowded around to egg on the fighters, the officer made a priority call for back up. Nineteen police cars responded, Williams said. The fight never turned into a melee, but at least two other fights involving 12 boys and 6 girls began minutes after the first fight. Police were able to restore order in less than 10 minutes. No injuries were reported, but most of those students in the fights will be referred to juvenile court, Williams said.

Now I've been ring side at a couple of Ultimate fights representin' our boy Camrann. But it's one thing to see two guys beat each other up who want to and who are getting paid to! It's quite another to have front row seats to a "high school brawl" that's right outside our front office in front of our windows!! I won't comment too much about it, but lets just say I walked out in the hall to tell someone that some of the culprits were escaping and just then the "6 girls" mentioned in the article decided to start fighting right in front of me! Of course no one could hear me or see me because I'm shorter than all the kids at East High, but eventually I broke through the crowd and back into the safety of the office! While it was terrifying and I had to give Hailey a pep talk about how she's never going to be like that!! I did go to Granger and that was not the first brawl that I've been witness to! DRAMA!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

It's been a long time!

Here I am with my monthly update!! Don't worry, next week I will be updating again for my 8 month photo! Crazy!!

So first and foremost, Doug cut the hair! Woohoo! He's my Dougie again! He was becoming unrecognizable under that mop! Oh he's so handsome! Last week he locked himself in the bathroom and chopped it off! I didn't even get to take a before pic, but if you saw some of the Xmas pics earlier, you can only imagine how long it was by now!
On Saturday, Doug made his famous German waffles and was so proud of the "peaks" that he took a pic! Silly boy!

We went to our birthing class on Saturday. While it did calm some of my ever growing anxiety, it also added to it! I am giving birth in less than two months!! AAAAAHHHHH!!

My little bro Levi is getting married next Friday! He and Lindsay are so cute and I can't wait to see them all gussied up and gettin' hitched! I am a bridesmaid and yes I will for sure post those pics! That otta be a sight! Woo! My wonderful mother-in-law made Jenn and I maternity dresses, but it's not the dresses that I'm worried about! Our shoes are 3 inch black heels with ankle straps! And I'm at the point where I can't see my feet when I walk down the stairs, so let's just imagine how pretty that will be! My cankles will look hot in those heels! Yowza!

And last but not least, in my last post I reminicsed about my 3rd grade class pic! Thanks for the fun comments that I got! It sure took me back! So I've added some fun music to my playlist! Those of you who will remember NKOTB - That's New Kids on the Block! Good times! As I was adding those songs I was remembering (Alisha you'll remember this) the time that some of the girls in our neighborhood wanted to join a contest to win Joey McIntire's hat. So we practiced and learned the dance to "The Right Stuff"! We totally recorded that! I think Annie Griffith might still have that tape kickin' around somewhere! Awsome!

Oh What a Blessing!!

Look at this little man! So handsome! Who wouldn't be, being the offspring of these 2 adorable people! For those of you who don't know, that's my little brother Ben and his cute wifey Terra and the little man Braxton! A couple of weeks ago they had him blessed and he looked so cute in his white tux! They had to get his hair cut already because it was wild!

Proud Daddy and Braxty!