Monday, November 29, 2010

Santa Claus is comin' to town. . . .

What up ya'll!!

We are well on our way to filling up Santa's workshop with lot's of goodies and toys for our Sub 4 Santa family. There have been lots of my peeps that want to help. Here is a list of what we have left to get for the fam:

*Kung Zhu pet w/ armor

*Battle arena for Kung Zhu pets.

*Air Hog

*Hannah Montana Game for the Didj

*Imaginex Space Shuttle and Tower

*Hot Wheels Color Shifters Blaster Play Set

Also if anyone is interested in donating cashola, we're hoping to buy the family a Wii!

Leave me a comment if you interested in helping out and I can email you my address if you want to have something shipped or drop something off. We're hoping to have everything by the 15th so that we can wrap everything and drop it off on the 21st.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sub 4 Santa Family

Our family will be doing a Sub 4 Santa this holiday season. Here is the AmAzIng family that we will be helping out! I had my sis write up a little background on them. Anyone that is interested in helping us out, please send me an email: or leave me a comment, or facebook me too.
Ben & Viola are the proud parents of Fanga (7), Anela (5) and Ben Jr (3)

In March 2010, they welcomed a precious new baby boy. SioSaia. After several months of health problems and numerous visits to Primary Childrens Medical Center, Saia returned home to his Heavenly Father. He was 5 months old.
A few weeks ago Ben Sr. started feeling sick. Headache, dizzy, nausea… he finally went in to the hospital and they found a tumor in his pituitary gland (the home base for all of your hormones in your body). 3 weeks later (today) he will be admitted to neurosurgery and the tumor will be removed. He will remain in ICU until he is stable to be transferred to a transitional floor.

As you can guess, the medical bills (for the baby and Ben) are enourmous, living expenses have piled up – with both parents not working and trying to survive- it’s impossible.
They are such an amazing example of Faith.
They know that this year has been their trial. They know everything will work out.
Anything we can do to lift the burden. They could use your prayers.


My sis and I went up to the hospital last night to visit the fam and see how Ben was doing after surgery. He is doing really good, just pretty sore. The doctors are very positive that they were able to remove the entire tumor! He was in really good spirits. We have been really trying to get some ideas about what the kids would like for Christmas. For sure any sports stuff for the little boys and any Hannah Montana or princess stuff for the little girl. We were able to get out of Viola last night that they would all love the Wii!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sub for Santa!!

The Holiday Season is right around the corner!! There is a family that our family will be helping provide Christmas for. It is my brother-in-laws brother. They've been through some true hardships these past few months! I will have a full write up of their story very soon, but I would like to invite all those who are reading this, to consider helping out. Even if you're just able to donate a couple dollars, we'll take it! They have 3 young kiddos. 2 boys and 1 girl. We will need toys, clothes, food and $$ to help this family have a good Christmas this year.
Please email me: or leave a comment if you're interested. Also, please pass this along!!
Happy Holidays!!