Sunday, February 22, 2009

Call the Hazmat team, the Johnsons are sick again!

What up everyone! This past month has been rough! Ever since Pretty's brush with RSV, she's been sick every weekend I swear! She's had a cold, stomach flu and fire water this past month. Not my idea of a good time! We haven't been to church in about a month. I'm sure the Bishop is getting ready to stop by because he thinks we're inactive!
Here's our update:
2 weeks ago, my cuz got married. We went to her bachelorette partttaay and had a blast! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! Let's just say there was a theme and "it" was everywhere. . . from the shaped ice cubes in our punch to the pinata at the end! Thanks to the Lloyd cuzzin's for knowing how to throw a party!
Valentine's Day was my cuz's wedding. Mommacita, Jenn and I made the flowers for the wedding. Then we spent the afternoon at the wedding. It turned out so cute (minus our crazy uncle bustin' out the balloons and making animals for everyone) and it was so good to see everyone! Miss pretty had a cold and was super whiny so I was frazzled by the end of the day.

Here's our masterpiece! It was fun and a quick shout out to my awsome mother-in-law for teaching me to make these!

Last weekend was Book Club! So much fun and it's just nice to get out with da girlz and have a good time! We went to Red Robin and had our pic taken with the bird! We discussed the book selection "Confessions of a Shopaholic" which I didn't get time to to read but just nodded along with everyone else and smiled. Then we went to see the movie. It was pretty funny.

That night I came home to Miss Pretty throwing up :(. I hate it when she's sick and miserable. So we sat up in the recliner all night and she slept for a few hours at a time in between throwing up. By morning she was back to new and as cute as ever! We took her 11 month pics with the dog. Here's her picture from when she was 2 months! So tiny!

Here she is now!

She loved the doggy pics and kept poking at his eyes.
So after Miss Pretty got sick, mommy and daddy got sick too and threw up for a day. Talk about wipe me out! I had flash backs of being pregnant (which i'm positive I'm not by the way!) uuugghh!
Hopefully we're through being sick for a long time!
I'm getting everything ready for Miss Pretty's birthday party! I finally finished her invites and mailed them off yesterday. I think they turned out cute. It will be a Princess theme. My friend Kiersti made her an adorable Tutu that she will be wearing in her 1 year pics! She also made Pretty's cuzzin, Baby sister one so that they can get their pictures taken together! I am still in shock that she will be 1 in a few weeks!
Some funny things that she's been doing:
*crawling! She can't go too far still, but she's on her way! And she's so proud of herself!
*the fake whine has begun!
*stranger anxiety. When she's being shy lately, she gets this huge frown on her face and huge tears in her eyes. It's sad, but cute!
*splashing in the tub! She gets her legs going and loves it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Does Miss Pretty have a new BFF?

Tomorrow Miss Pretty will be 11 months old already!! I am bracing myself for the day she turns 1 year old, which is next month!! I love her more and more everyday and am continuously grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who truly hears and answers prayers! They may not always be the timing that we would have liked or expected, but they do get answered!

So this week I discovered that Miss Pretty is a little DIVA (I wonder where she got that from? hmmm. . I don't know!) She loves the camera and everytime I turned it on, she could hear it and would come right over in her walker and give me a big cheeser! See exhibit A:

We also discovered that her and Gracie are not destined to be BFF's! Although Miss Pretty would absolutely love it and she still tries, Gracie isn't havin' it and demonstrates that very well! I tried to get a good picture of the way these two really feel about each other, but Miss Pretty heard the camera everytime! So this is the best I could do:

Let's just say, it's a good thing Gracie is declawed because she was swatting at Miss Pretty like you wouldn't believe! But the funniest part was that Miss Pretty just kept looking at her and tilting her head jabberin' on! So cute!
She definately loves her days off with daddy! Those two crack me right up!

Some other funny things she's done this week:
When I tell her that something is "Kaka" she mimicks me and says "kaka!"
She is sooooo close to crawling! Can't quite coordinate the arms and legs yet, but she's getting there!
Once her diaper's off, she flips right over and tries to crawl. She must feel more free in the nude!
As for Slick and I, we are doing well! Both still have jobs! Thank goodness and we're just enjoying parenthood! I'm glad that I get to share it with him! We have so much fun watching her grow up! We're supposed to go on a date this weekend for Vday. I think we're going to see a laser show at the planetarium, so that will be fun!
Until next time. . . have a Happy Valentine's Day!