Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Up on the house top reindeer pause, out jumps good ol' SANTA CLAUS!!

Happy Holidays everyone! Life has gotten us so busy that I haven't been able to blog and I'm having withdrawals!! December is always busy huh! We got us a tree and decorated the house! I swear it was the coldest night of the year when we went! But Miss Pretty had fun and wanted to stay outside. Decorating the tree was a bit of a challenge. I wanted to put the ornaments on the tree and she wanted them off. But she's gotten better and just wants me to turn the lights on all the time! "YIGHTS! YIGHTS!"

We went up to Pocatello this past weekend. It was so much fun! Miss Pretty had a blast! She played played played and snuggled with "Gamma!" We always do gingerbread houses with D's fam. It was hilarious this year! I had the honor of sitting next to my father in law and he's always so funny! D was a bit more creative this year with his "house". Check for yourself!

The girls had a hoot reorginizing Gamma's cupboards and dancin' up a storm!
My house. . .so cute!
And D's port-a-potty!
Here's Miss Pretty and daddy opening one of the presents that Gamma and Kyr got her.
Here are a couple of random cute pics of my Princess! Her babysitter put her hair in braids one day and this is what it looked like when I took them out.

And here she is hammin' it up with her stunna shades on!
This year has been so much fun with her for the holidays! She understands what everything is and she's talking so much more! We brought home some wrapped gifts from Gamma and Gpa Johnson and she's been very anxious to open them! Everyday she sorts through them and hands a bunch of them to me! Can't wait for tomorrow night when Santa comes to bring her some more!
We got together on Monday night with the Lloyd clan to make our traditional candy! Toffee, fudge, caramels and pumpkin rolls. It was a good ol' time and we laughed so much! The kids ran amuck and every one of them ended up with some sort of battle wound! Miss Pretty's being a lovely goose egg atop her forehead! I can't tell you how incredibly greatful I am to have such an awsome family! This year was a rough one for us and truly tested each of us in ways we didn't know were possible! But we made it through, and we got the best gift of all. . . .our dad! Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to. . .

Well we did family pictures this last Saturday. I thought I had prepped myself, mentally, for lil' Miss Pretty to be uncooperative, but I still was a little shocked. For some reason, she didn't want to look at the camera -- AT ALL! Oh and she wouldn't let me put her down the whole time. But we did get some cute ones of our princess. This is just a sample of what she did the whole time.

Momma and Miss Pretty. I love her lots!

One of my favs! She only let us hold her hand for a split second and then she was done!
But she did let me know that she's ready for her driver's license!

This was the happiest that she was the whole time. They turned out cute!

Checkin' out the farm animals.

More farm animals.

Momma and Daddy.

My favorite one of them all. The only smile!

Our photographer, Stacie, was a trooper! Thanks so much!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sleepless in Salt Lake - Dr. Dreamy to the rescue!

We had a sick lil' babe this past week. It started out a couple of weeks ago,
Miss Pretty was having these coughing fits at like 1 in the morning.
Last week, they turned into throwing up (fun!). I was a bit concerned because she was
throwing up a lot, so, naturally, we paid a visit to Dr. Dreamy (sigh).
Turns out, she had an ear infection (didn't see that one coming!)
Apparently some nerve that triggers coughing, runs right along
the ear drum, and the inflamed ear drum was triggering coughing and
that, coupled with her lovely gagging reflex, courtesy of the Lloyds,
was probably causing the vomit comet to emerge! After her yummy
amoxicilin kicked in, she was back to normal!
Here are some cute pics of her. She's a lot of fun! Playing with her baby, feeding her and
washing her face.

Playing outside with her daddy!

We can't wait for New Moon tomorrow! Yay!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Then comes a baby in the baby carriage. . . .

Make sure that you read my other post below. . . I just had so much to post, but didn't want to make it too long and have my faithful readers get bored halfway through!

Okay now don't think that my post title implies any news for us Johnsons (not yet, the vomit comet is still too fresh in my brain!) Read below to find out our family announcement.

Here are some pics of Miss Pretty and her daddy. I came home the other day to a glorious fall day and Miss Pretty in our newly fenced backyard (courtesy of my wonderful husband!) Daddy was raking leaves and Miss Pretty was sweeping them with a broom. She was very intent on doing a good job so she kept a pretty concentrated look on her face the whole time! It was too cute! And NO I haven't cut her bangs! For some strange reason, the top of her hair doesn't want to grow, but the back is getting long. What's that saying? "Business in the front, party in the back" It does look really cute in pig tails though!

Hot off the press, I'm a new Auntie and couldn't be happier! I love my lil' nephews and nieces so much!! Last night J-Lo and I went up to see our newest Lloyd addition. Baby Ava Kaye was born yesterday (just a day shy of my prediction, dang it!) She was ready to join us though! Weighing in at 6 lbs, 11 oz and 21 inches long. She looks a lot like her momma, so dang cute! Both baby and mommy are doing well! Due to the stupid piggy flu, there's only 2 visitors allowed in the room at one time, so J-Lo and I had to switch off. For some reason Levicorpus thought he needed to be in there too, sheesh! Congrats to the new Mommy and Daddy!

The Monster Mashizzle in the Dub Vizzle

I can't believe that Halloween is already over and Thanksgiving is on its way! We had a fun Halloween this year. We always get together as a family and this year we headed on over to my sista's casa for some yummy soup and lot's o' laughs! J-Lo and I took funny FB profile pics and laughed at ourselves, while the chitlins ran amuck and the men watched boring sports. Miss Pretty looked adorable in her "Pink Monster" atire. Enjoy some pics:
So glad to have my Papa here still to enjoy these lil' girls! He had a dinner roll and they were like voltures, those two! They battled it out for it!
My cute nephew Spidey, making his baby sis laugh! Love this pic!
J-Lo and Corky. . . representin'!

I just love Miss Pretty so much!
Scary Gramma in Spidey's GI Joe mask!
She's definately her mother's child!

In full costume! Love it!

Get this thing off me mom!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Carni folk. . . small hands. . .

East High is having it's annual carnival!
Mark your calendars for Monday, October 26!
The carnival begins at 5:30 PM. It's for all ages and it's SO much fun!
The proceeds go to support our different clubs!
There are a lot of fun High School Musical things to check out.
And you can even take a tour if you'd like.
Bring some dinero and have some fun!

My milkshake brings all the boyz to the yard. . . .

This is such a fun stage with Miss Pretty! She's very curious and quite the dare devil. She also has the funnest personality, makes me just wanna squeeze her sometimes. (Not to inflict harm, just to try to absorb all of her cuteness!)

She loves to go outside! The other day we put her stocking cap on because it was pretty chilly and she thought she was so cool! So she found it in her diaper bag the other morning and wanted it on because she thought that meant she'd be going outside. She wouldn't take it off for a while and looked so stinkin' cute! Notice her skin tight jammies! She's getting so tall!

Grandma Johnson bought her a baby stroller to tote her baby around. Well she thought she'd test it out.

She's mad because she couldn't get herself out.

She finally figured out how to ride her lil' car. She just gets high centered on the handle bars periodically, but other than that, she has lots o' fun on it!

And last but not least, many of you know how productive I was this harvest season! I'm still pretty shocked myself! We got all of our grapes juiced and got 6 jars of yummy grape juice!!
Here are the grapes being prepped for juicing!

Miss Pretty was such a good helper! She just snacked on them the whole time or squeezed them and said "EEEWWWW!!"
She goes in for her 18 month Dr. checkup with Dreamy soon! She's actually 19 months already! Some of the fun things that she's doing are:
*She no longer calls her blankie "ng ng ng". It's "beety". Which makes mommy sad because I loved it when she called it "ng ng!"
*She's so sassy! When we called her sassy the other day, she said "SASSY!" It was cute! (I know I won't be saying that in 13 years, but for now I'll enjoy the moment!)
*When I open the fridge or the pantry, she sits there and goes "hmmmm. . . " as if pondering what she should ask for!
*She can go down the stairs on her own now.
*She still tries to make friends with Gracie the cat! I think Grace is just too old and doesn't want to call it truce because she still boxes with her every chance she gets! Luckily she doesn't have any claws!
*She's quite the dancer! Just like her momma! Anytime she hears music, she tries to snap her lil' fingers and shakes her lil' booty! It's too funny!