Saturday, May 23, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things. . .

I thought it would be fun to do a list of a couple of my favorite things this week!

1. America First Credit Union. I've been a member of America First since before we were married and have loved every minute of it! But just today I was reminded why I stay with them! We applied for a new loan with them and when the nice loan officer called to verify everything, we were also able to refinance my car for 1 1/2% lower than it was right now and extend our line of credit! 3 deals all over the phone!

2. Reusable shopping bags. Every Earth day, I watch Oprah and she gives awsome tips about how to do our part to save our Mother Earth. She always stresses the importance of using reusable shopping bags instead of the plastic ones. So i've built me up quite the stock pile of them when I go to the store (they're only .99 at most stores). Well I had a horrible experience at Walmart 2 weeks ago. If you're ever at the one on 6200 S and 5600 W, and your checker's name is Patti (or "Unfriendly Patti" as I like to refer to her as), make sure and whip out those reusable bags, because she just loves filling those bad boys with groceries! (sarcasm, very thick!) But they seriously hold so many groceries. Today I went to the Library, Costco, Harmon's and Home Depot and didn't have to use a plastic bag at any of them! TIP: Harmons, Smiths, Sunflower Market, Albertson's and I think IKEA all credit you 5 cents for every reusable bag that you use!

3. Sunflower Market. My sweet sis introduced me to this market. It's on State St and about 6600 S right across from Fashion Place Mall. They have killer deals on produce there and they have all sorts of bulk items like grains, candies, granola, honey, etc. Last week we went and got strawberries for 88 cents! Check out their website and look at their weekly ads. If you sign up to get them by email, you get it a day early and can shop on Wednesdays when the ads overlap and there's even more things on sale!

4. I'm a sucker for deals, so I usually browse the classifieds just to see what people are selling and what people are looking for and even what people are giving away for FREE! Sometimes I laugh so hard at the free section and just read it for the fun of it, because some people are so funny. But I'm also quite the seller on there. This weekend we sold a dresser, swamp cooler and a set of golf clubs! Speaking of KSL, does anyone have some red paint that they're getting rid of or done using? I have my cute little bench that I want to paint red, but i'm not sure that I'd use a whole can. I'm hoping to use like a colonial red. Let me know yo!
There ya, go. Hopefully if you've never used any of these, you'll try one and see why I love them so much!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In a castle far, far away. . .

Miss Pretty got herself her very own castle with a slide/climbing wall and swing! Grandma Johnson sent it from ID (well not really, but she sent the $ with the ad cut out to go and pick it on up!) I guess for some odd reason, I was thinking we would set the sucker up in the back yard. . . .silly me! D decided that it would get stolen by our ghetto neighbors so he put that thing up in my basement. Let's just say it looks like the invasion of the Munchkins down there! I'm not sure where we're supposed to hang out because there's toys everywhere. But she does love it and she even has learned (with the help of Grandma Lloyd, naughty) to climb up the slide and then slide down on her stomach. Too funny!
Sunday we though we'd be brave and do a photo shoot of her in her cute Sunday dresses. Plus Grandma Johnson wanted pics of her in the dress that she made for her birthday. She wasn't so hip on the whole "dress up/photo shoot" and we couldn't get a smile out of her for nothin'! But she still looked dang cute trying to grab the camera whenever she could!

Here's what she thought of picture time! There used to be a cute white daisy on her head band, but she ripped that sucka off!

And last but not least, she's playing by her castle and attempting to scale the faux rock wall. So pretty!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm so 3008, you're so 2000 and late!

April was quite the busy month for us! Hence the lack of posts! Here's my run down of the past month with a couple of funny stories thrown in!
The first pics have a story behind them. This is our head custodian at East. . . let me first say that he started it! On that first lovely day of April, all of us Secretaries got to work and could not figure out why our key boards weren't working. That's right, he went through and unplugged them all! The battle was on and I was quite the plotter. Someone should have reminded me about the cameras all over the school though cuz we were totally busted! After trashing his office twice and getting our cars shrink wrapped. . our last hoorah was to decorate his scooter while it was being worked on at school. He was proud to ride it around for us and then my friend at work made a voodoo doll that looks so much like him! He even wore the right outfit the day she brought him! We had fun and we're hoping the fued has fizzled out!

Miss Pretty is now 14 months already! She is so much fun and always has me laughing! She's trying all sorts of new foods because she's like totally bored with her baby food! I went in to wake her up two days ago to leave in the morning and she was sleeping in the funniest position. She was sitting, but leaned forward all the way so that her stomach was flat against the bed, folded right in half. I don't know how that seemed comfortable. She's not walking yet, taking her time with that one for sure, but I don't mind at all. Here are some pics of her in her sun hat. I love those eyes of hers.

Mother's day was fun. We took our Ma out to brunch along with all the other yeahoos that decided to do the same thing. But then after, Hailey took a two hour nap and I also took one! ahhh, so nice.

Last but not least, my mom and I went yard selling last weekend. It was a blast, except for when Miss Pretty yacked her milk all over herself, me and the car seat. She went through some weird phase last weekend, not sick, but she would throw up her milk every morning for 3 days. And boy, oh boy, let me tell ya, that stinks BAD! So after cleaning it up and changing her, we were back at it, stinky and all, but I needed to to find a dresser for her room! Here are some of our bargains. . . I found this cute bench that I'm going to refinish and paint red. (only $1!) And the dresser was $18, i'm going to refinish that and paint it white. It's time to store away the changing table and get the dresser put in. I'll have to get the bench pic put on later, my blog is being dummo! Is anyone else's acting up? or is it just mine? For some reason, some of my pics don't load and my page isn't fully loading either. Wierd!

Yard selling is so much fun when you actually find usable junk! We found a bunch of way cute clothes for the babe for only 50 cents each and my mom found an Eddie Bauer bassinette/cradle for the mini Levi that will be joining us in November.

Got the bench loaded, it's cute huh!