Monday, July 28, 2008

New Pics of the Princess!!

Hailey got her new bed last week! I love love love it! My awsome co-workers at East High contributed to a gift for us and we received almost $600 for her crib! Awsome!

Here she is with her silky blanky! She loves to rub it against her face while she's falling asleep!
4 month pic! The dog is getting smaller and she's getting bigger!
The BUMBO! Dr Dimick told us her head was looking a little flat, so we have to prop her on her side at night to sleep and we bought a BUMBO for her to chill in. She looks so grown up in it!
Another cute thing is that Hailey laughed for the first time today! Doug was making faces at her and she just all out giggled! Doug and I both started laughing and then we looked at each other and we were both crying! I love being a mommy so much!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

10 and 5

I found this while blog stalking on Heidi Elsasser's blog. Cute idea and it's funny! Enjoy learning something new about me.

10 years ago. . . .I was madly in love with Hailame who I thought I was going to marry! I was getting ready to go to Ricks College.

5 years ago. . . Doug and I were selling our first home and moving into our 2nd home in Pocatello. I loved that house!

5 months ago. . . . I was prego and miserable and just finished being in Levi's wedding with my cankles. My dr. told me that my blood pressure was too high.

5 things I need to do tomorrow. . .
1. find a babysitter for Hailey when I go back to work:(
2. Find a dermotologist to check out this wierd spot on my leg.
3. hang out with my cute baby.
4. try to take a nap
5. clean something

5 bad habits. . .
1. eating!! Ever since I had Hailey that's all I seem to want to do! Maybe it's cuz I couldn't for so long!
2. I hate washing my face before I go to bed! But I pay for it the next day when I look like pizza face!
3. I slouch!
4. I plug my nose when I sneeze! I'm working on it!
5. I don't floss! Brynn don't tell Dr. Kimball!

5 places I've lived. . .
1. Dub VC (still do!)
2. Rexburg, ID
3. Pocatello, ID
4. Taylorsville, UT
5. That's it!

5 things people don't know about me. . .
1. I have a tatoo in the middle of my lower back! Otherwise known as a "tramp stamp". It's of a hibiscus flower and the anesthesiologist was very impressed when he went to numb me for my c section! Let's just say it's a permanent reminder of my temporary insanity!
2. I love to watch Bob Ross! He's on on Sundays at 3! He's a genious!
3. My sophomore year in High School, I made out with Jake Wagtaff in the trunk of some kid's car. He was a good kisser! But thank goodness we didn't get in a fender bender! Hailey, learn from mommy's mistakes!
4. When I was a baby, my parents took me to the movies in one of those moses baskets and the handle broke and I rolled down the isle of the movie theater!
5. In 6th grade I went out with a 4th grader. I don't remember his name, but I remember it was so "scandalous!" Cradle robber!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hailey's Dr Appt!

I almost forgot!! Hailey had her 4 month Dr. appointment with the handsome Dr. Dimick on Monday! She weighed in at a healthy 13 lbs! He was pretty impressed and said that she's caught up to her peers and is right where she should be! Her length is 25 inches which is in the 65%. He did say that her head was a little flat so we've been puting her on her side to sleep and we bought one of those Bumbos! Love it! She sits up in it! I will have to post new pics of her in her new crib too! But I wanted to let everyone know that she's made up for the small birth weight!

Baby Shower, Funny Story and Desperate. . .

I know, I've been a slacker at updating, but it's my summer vaca still so I don't get to a computer much! Here's a little update of what we've been up to. . .

We had a baby shower for Brynn last week! It was so much fun to see all my girls! I'm so glad that we still keep in touch! Here we are rubbin' Brynn's baby belly! Can't wait to meet that lil' guy! Eve is holding my child, so no one start any rumors about her having a baby and not telling anyone! On Thursday night, Monica came into town and so we went out to dinner with Eve, Monica and Brynn and our spouses. So much fun reminiscing and talking! Monica. . .you crack me up! I love you girls!

We are getting ready to take our last camping trip of the season this weekend. Heading up to Lava Hot Springs to meet Doug's family. We're really excited to get out and have fun!

Hailey and I have been enjoying our summer together and I am still so sad when I think about going back to work!! Which brings me to my "Desperate" plea. . .

I am in need of child care. I've been puting it off because I really don't want to have to do it at all. But since I have to, I'd rather have someone I know or someone that one of my friends knows watch her than a daycare! So if anyone is interested or knows of anyone that watches kids that would be willing to take on my little princess, please let me know. I only need someone Wed., Thurs., and Fri. However, I am working on seeing if I can take her with me to work one of those days, so it might only be 2 days a week. Also, Jenn my sista is having her first little girl any day now and she will need a babysitter on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting in November.

And last but not least, we are so close to welcoming our new baby Tukuafu to the world! Jenn is scheduled for a C Section on the 12 of the Aug. But she may came earlier than that! We'll see! Hailey is so excited to have her first girl cousin!
Okay now to the funny story. . . My friend Kathy from work will get a kick out of this because we've been waiting for this photo to surface for a long time! This is my dad and you're probly wondering why he looks so bad?? Well this past winter, my mom told me this hilarious story so now I share it with you for your entertainment. . . one morning my mom went out to start her car and it wouldn't start. So she came in to tell my dad who was just fixing him some breakfast in his bathrobe! He went outside to "take a look". He then proceeded to get some starter fluid (which FYI, they don't use on new cars anymore!! Someone probly should have told him that!) So he had my mom get in the car and crank it while he sprayed starter fluid in the engine. He's yelling "Give it more gas Elaine!" I'm not sure what happened to ignite the flames but my mom says the next thing she knew, there was this big ball of fire! She jumped out of the car and yelled "Steven roll in the snow!" He was like "I'm fine!" Little did he know that he was smoking like one of those cartoon characters that gets blownup! So they went in the house and he's like "take a picture!" and my mom's like "you should go look in the mirror first!" but he's like "no take a picture!" So here it is! After, she made him take a shower because he stunk so bad and then when he went to get his hair cut, the girl was laughing so hard! He said that his eyelashes felt like velcro! My mom had to cut them off!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Blue Eyes?

Look at how cute she looks in a hat!! We're pretty sure that her eyes are going to be blue. For those of you who don't know, Doug's are blue. I know, everyone keeps telling me that it's still too soon to tell, but if they're not blue, they'll be hazel because they're way too light to go brown! She just so stinkin' cute!

"Mom stop taking pictures of me! Seriously!" She's getting to be so hilarious! She's figured out how to operate her arms somewhat and she tries to grab stuff and plays with my face while she's eating! And as you can see she's got two cute chins! That thing is so hard to clean out from under it! She gets so mad at me, but it gets grosse!

Rogain for Babies??

Little Miss Hailey's hair is starting to fall out. On the head rest in her car seat, it looks like a cat shed all over it because her hair is all over! But I think new stuff is coming back in because it seems a little longer on top.
So now she has the old man Skullet!
There's a nice thick patch around the bottom. That doesn't get rubbed off. Look at those chubby arms! I just want to sqeeze them!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Was BORN on the 4th of July!!

Are you ready for my monthly update?? A lot has happened! From the ghetto West Fest to the Lloyd Family camping trip. . . here ya go! enjoy!!

So we attended the West Fest! WOW is all I got to say! I was lucky enough to ride all the rides with Isaak and no it's not because I fit the height requirement!! Thanks Doug! I just didn't know that people actually left their houses dressed so WT!!
We also attended the Lloyd Family reunion! This was the only pic that was taken! Isaak with his blue tongue! I won the jar of suckers because I guessed the right amount!
This is where the fun starts! We took Hailey on her first camping trip to Strawberry! Lot's of fun! Isaak had a hoot and said the funniest things! These pics are incriminating evidence that Ben did in fact cut down a live tree in the national forest. You might be wondering if he got caught?
Yup!! He got a $225.00 ticket from the fiesty forest ranger! TIMBER!!! Ben thought she was a real B to the Bizzzooo!!

Here's Miss Hailey on her first 4th of July! She was actually really good considering all of the noise that she's not used to! I just love those chubby cheeks!!

While we were camping we sent Isaak on a Treasure Hunt! He is very into Treasure Maps! So I drew one up and we went out looking! Jenn and I buried a metal box with some toys and candy in it! The first thing he said was "Are there Spiders on there?" He finally uncovered it and opened it! He was like "look what Kristy bought me!!" He didn't believe that there was actually buried treasure in the mountains! But he did have fun!
Here's Miss Hailey and mommy! She just looked so cute in her little jogging suit!

Auntie Jenn has the touch! Sleepy time for Miss Hailey!

Isaak tying up Spider man! He loves to tie things up.

Have you ever heard of a Redneck toilet? You might recognize that as the $225.00 tree that Ben cut down and that's Levi on his lawn chair that he cut a hole in and used to poop in! I love my brothers!

Aww!! Cute Braxton! He's hilarious and it was so much fun spending time with him! I love him soooo much!

Two words for you Ben: Dream On! Dream ON!