Saturday, February 19, 2011

Got my HaIr DID!

So it's been a busy, busy past month! What with the Johnson t.v. debut and all!
My new calling has also been keeping me busy. I'm really enjoying it, but also still in shock, I think! It's definately been a humbling experience!
Miss Pretty is almost 3 YEARS OlD! Less than a month away. She is hilarious and keeps us entertained everyday!
Here's a picture of her after she got herself dressed! Lovin' the skirt over the jeans look!

She's definately a Princess too! Always playing dress up and prancing through the house. I'm thinking it's almost time to enroll her in some dance classes.

Just bein' a goof ball!

This was a big month for my hair! It was time to chop it! It's been long for many years now, so I needed a change. My cute hair dresser asked me if I was ready before she cut off the braids and I quickly responded "YES!"

Here's the 12 inches or so that we chopped off!

And the after:

I LOVE it! So much fun!