Saturday, September 7, 2013

This Year at a Glance! WARNING - Picture Overload

I have been contemplating whether or not to update my blog.  It seems overwhelming because this year has been AMAZING! I've got a ton of pics from this year showcasing only some of the fun that we Johnson's have been having.  It's been a busy year for us and if you'll notice from my last post more than a year ago, I started out with a new job and a new opportunity to be sculpted and molded by my Heavenly Father.  More on that later. . . for now, enjoy some pics! (disclaimer, they are not in any sort of order. . . that was too much for my brain to figure out :) )

 Last year's Idaho State Fair.  My little munchkin had so much fun!

We got to go camping this year with my siblings.  Tested out the ol' tent trailers!  It was fun!

The kids having fun while camping.

One of the girls trips I went on this summer was to Las Vegas!  We hung out at the pool A LOT! 

I love my calling and serving with these amazing ladies!

Another girls trip (yes, I'm spoiled!) to Georgia and Florida.  I love these girls!  We laughed the entire time.

My baby girl is growing up so fast! She's already figured out how to take selfies :)

Breathtaking! Florida beach.

We got to go up to Strawberry and catch some big fish.  My handsome fisherman!

And yes, I even followed in my dad's footsteps and crashed the car!  Fender bender. . .woops!

Another sign that she's growing up. . . lost 2 teeth this summer!

Talk about a fun trip to Vegas!  We went for the NKOTB concert.  They are hotties! 

This trip definitely reminded me that I'm still a young pup and can have fun! Love my girls!

Toes in the sand. . . best feeling ever!

This cute girl was my travel companion this summer.  I love her so much!

More of the family fishing trip.  Felt my dad up there so much.  Love these two!

Florida! We're here!

She loved being out on the water.

Big hat. .. check!  Warm sun. .  .check! Ocean sounds. . .check! Best friends. . . check! 

These two besties had fun in the makeup one night.  They were trying to make themselves look like Monster High. . . the first pic wasn't so bad, so I wasn't worried. . . . then they came back looking like Stalone on Rambo!

My high school is tearing down the building that I went to school in.  They built a fancy new school this year, so we went to tour the old building and the old memories.  Saw one of my favorite teachers while I was there.  

The girls took dance together.  Anyone that knows them, knows that they fight quite a bit. . . but I got this cute shot of them hugging one night at dance :).

And the most recent of events was the day Miss Pretty went to Kindergarten.  She LOVES it so much! I cried like a baby.  She is so beautiful and at times, I'm shocked that I get to be her mommy!  

Hope you enjoyed the update!  I will be posting a lot more later!

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VEEYAH said...

LOOOOVE the update!!! I don't blog much lately either, but felt like doing so today...and rather than doing that, I caught up on a bunch of other blogs I follow...yours being ONE of them!! =) Miss Pretty looks so much like her mommy in that selfie pic...TOO CUTE!!! Glad all is going well on your end!! Love ya TONS!! =)